You won’t get stung by this Jelly Fish Martini

These jellyfish had washed up on Port Melbourn...

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Many people love the beach. You might be planning a trip for your local beach, the Atlantic, Pacific Coast, or the Gulf Coast. Maybe somewhere tropical or beyond. We love the beach like most people. Once, our family was at a beach, enjoying the sunshine. Our toddler played innocently in the water while we soaked in the sun. Suddenly, a crisis hit. No, not a shark.  Jellyfish. He was stung multiple times. We knew nothing of the danger he was in, but a nurse nearby thankfully did. She kept us all calm while removing the stingers, then proceeded with the proper treatment. He was perfectly fine, and ready to go in a few hours.

April is when Jellyfish first begin showing up in waters, & are found in every ocean. Thankfully, not all species are toxic as we found. They did, however, inspire our latest drink.

The Martini Maidens were up one night creating another drink. This drink does not sting, and it sure isn’t toxic! However, when we finished with it, we looked at it and remarked that it looked just like a jellyfish in a martini glass. Hence, the Jellyfish Martini! We heard such comments from some of our taste-testers as ‘Every sip is different!’, ‘You could marinate something in that drink!’, and many more comments. ‘Wow!’ came back a lot. We’ll take that as a compliment!

To make this, you need to do mix the following: (Remember to chill the glass first)

  • 2 tbsp Red Pepper Jelly (we used Blue Willow Inn brand)
  • Dash of Chipotle Tabasco

Pour these into the bottom of your martini glass.

Then mix together:

  • Martini & Rossi Vermouth – 1 part
  • Million Vodka – 2 parts

Shake together and pour on top of the jelly/Tabasco mixture.

You can garnish with a jalapeno pepper or cube of cream cheese. Serve an abundance of chips and salsa or guacamole as a side dish, combined with great company, and you have taken the sting out of any rough day. Enjoy!

6 Responses

  1. This looks crazy!! Might be a little too much for me 🙂

    • Ha! We understand. It sounds crazy, but give it a try – one time! I have a friend who asks to have it made EVERY time she comes over. I am not making this up! She was sad to hear we had made it the night we photographed it for this blog, so we had to promise we would make it again. Not even kidding! It will surprise you. If you want something not too spicy, watch how hot of tabasco you use. I don’t like extra-spicy anything, and the chipotle gave it a very nice taste. Okay, I’m a wimp. Promise!

  2. Some admittedly nice and utilitarian info on this site, too I believe the style and develop has overwhelming features. Incredibly ordinarily ws sign I go to view this world wide web website. The idea quite significantly is pleasant to me. Thank you the author.

    • Thank you very much. We try to provide information that people will find useful without having to wander through too many details to get to the basic facts. We appreciate the feedback!

  3. You know, I’ve actually tried this one, and it is remarkable. I never would have thought of a martini with a spicy kick, but it definitely works!

    Thanks ladies, for keeping us on our toes! Keep up the great work!!!

    • We’re glad you liked it! It took us – and several friends – by surprise also. The blend of ingredients definitely will surprise you with the taste. Thanks for following us!

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