Boston is Bouncing with Things to Do!

If you are a runner, have ever run in a marathon, or dreamed of it, the Boston Marathon is surely on your radar of marathons to run. Baseball? Of course the Boston Red Sox! This weekend is, of course, the Boston Marathon. There is so much more to this great city that is rich in history, we just had to list some of the reasons to make it one of your places to visit.

This is just a start, but there is a lot packed into these links. We hope you enjoy visiting Boston. Whatever your interest is, there is something for everyone!

A lineup of things going on in Houston. . . in between games

Okay, so not everyone is going to Houston for the Final Four. Like. . . well, yours truly. If you do have tickets to any of the games, it is nice to know some of the other things going on also. This is a great time of year to visit Houston, so if you do love watching the NCAA and haven’t been there before, consider trying to find some last-minute tickets or even hanging out at one of the local restaurants or bars. It is guaranteed to be a fun place to be, whether you are single, married, or with the entire family.

And always keep checking on the right-hand side of our blog for what’s going on in your local area. Want something mentioned? Let us know about it!

We headed South to Houston for the Final Four

Photograph of the skyline of Downtown Houston,...

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And we are getting ready to post our next recipe just in time for the games.  Texas is steeped in traditions, and we promise this one won’t leave you disappointed. Stay tuned! Tell us who you think is going to win.

In the meantime, be sure to check out some of the tweets listed on our blog for events and other great news to catch up on. You will find it updated every day with more news of what’s going on around the country. Feel free to contact us with what is going on in your area, also!