Hungry Tonight? So are a lot of people.

We are departing from our normal topics to share something that is connected to a lot of what we spend time on retweeting on Twitter daily. Food.

We’ve retweeted several times about events related to the Food Bank NYC. Today, we are writing about it because we recognize how fortunate, how blessed we are daily. There is still time to get involved in Food Bank NYC, and we hope it will motivate more people to take the ideas to your own city and make those ideas unique to the needs and culture of what is going on where you live.

So what is the mission statement for Food Bank NYC? Their link, Food Bank NYC states it “works to end hunger and increase access to affordable, nutritious food for low-income New Yorker’s through a comprehensive group of programs that combat hunger and its causes.

What are some ways they are achieving this? They have had some outstanding fundraising events that you can see on the website. They include the Can-Do Awards Dinner and the Varli Food Festival, which we retweeted. (We would love to hear from some of you who were able to attend!)

Some other things they have incorporated can be done in any city, whether you live in a town of 50 or a city of 50 million. Be sure to look at their Pound for Pound Challenge, where donations go to the Food Bank. If you don’t have a food bank in your city, look into starting one or donate to the one nearest to you.

Other things? I translate it into one word: Education. Educating your government. Educating others. Maybe educating yourself. Myself.

One of my favorite people, perhaps the most inspiring of all, said this, “We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.” Stevie Wonder

What’s going on across the country this weekend? A lot!

We can’t begin to list them all, but thought we would post a few things across the country to give to you a start. . . for those not watching some basketball, baseball, golf, and a few other sports! We try to post as many retweets as possible regularly on the right-hand side of our blog, but that isn’t always possible. So here goes. As always, feel free to contact us and let us know what is going on where you are this weekend.


Chicago Happenings



Ft. Worth

Las Vegas

Los Angeles and also

NYC and attractions


San Francisco



Washington, D.C.

Coffee Dinner this Wednesday on 8th St in NYC for the dessert lovers

Zagat’s has just listed this incredible Coffee Dinner at Alma 33

If you love coffee, cocktail, and desserts, look no further – this is where to be Wednesday night!

Per Zagat’s, New West Village Argentinean Alma 33 is hosting a three-course dinner this Wednesday, March 23, inspired by that New York City favorite: coffee. The event will showcase Dallis Bros Brazilian Octavio line in cocktails and desserts, including a coffee-choco mousse with brandy-glazed Bosc pears that features coffee brewed using a Bon Mac pour-over (the technique of grinding fresh beans and hand-pouring water over them for each serving). Each dessert will be served with a cup of joe that showcases a different brewing methodology. The caffeine-powered feast runs $40 per person and starts at 7 PM (33 W. Eighth St.; 212-380-8794).

The best of what’s happening in NYC via Zagat

Chocolate-covered bacon, anyone? If that isn’t your style, check out the info on a black truffle dinner.  And the obligatory Charlie Sheen cocktails. Let us know what you think!