Royal Wedding Watch Parties

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We posted an article earlier about some peoples’ recommendations on cocktails to serve for the Royal Wedding this Friday, April 29th. In that article, I included a link that had tips for hosting your own Royal Wedding Watch Party  (included in the link above). Little did I know, mired in family activities and computer writing, that the nation had this planned for months before me. Of course, you knew that. Since we write articles about events going on across the country each week, it was a natural to write about locations where they are having a Royal Wedding Watch Party. Some of the links I have posted below are for specific restaurants. Others are for cities, and will list several options for you. We will keep looking throughout the week for more for you, so check back if your city isn’t listed. If you know of one in your city, please contact us so we can share it with others!

If you aren’t available to watch the wedding on Friday, you can actually watch it early. : )

Here is a clip from the rehearsal for the ceremony.

New restaurant opening in Philadelphia tonight

farmerHusband and wife owners Matt and Colleen Swartz, with partner Matt Scheller will debut their new restaurant The Farmers’ Cabinet later tonight. The Walnut St. spot will serve rustic American food and later this summer, they’ll beging brewing their own craft beers in their kitchen. The restaurant is going for a Victorian-era atmosphere and will also have an extensive variety of European craft beers and cocktails. The team is behind Bethlehem’s Tap & Table, The Bookstore Speakeasyand Fork & Barrel in East Falls.

With the help of Chef Peter Felton, The Farmers’ Cabinet will offer bone marrow and roasted cippolini soup; tarro, lotus, and beat root chips; bourbon-braised escargot; house-ground brisket and bacon burgersand more on their opening menu. They will also have shared dishes for two or more guests like Salt Baked Fish, Elk Chops, and Roasted Goat Leg.

Drink experts Damon Dyer and Terry Hawbaker will lend a helping hand too creating the drink menu for the restaurant’s two bars, one for beer and another for cocktails. The cocktails will run between $10-$12 and will includeBespoke Whiskey Sours, Pirate’s Coffee, Round Midnight, a Barrel Aged Martinez and others. Hawbaker will be in charge of the creation of their hyper-micro-brewery on premises once the restaurant gets underway.

The Farmers’ Cabinet, 1113 Walnut St.