What’s going on across the country this weekend? A lot!

We can’t begin to list them all, but thought we would post a few things across the country to give to you a start. . . for those not watching some basketball, baseball, golf, and a few other sports! We try to post as many retweets as possible regularly on the right-hand side of our blog, but that isn’t always possible. So here goes. As always, feel free to contact us and let us know what is going on where you are this weekend.


Chicago Happenings



Ft. Worth

Las Vegas

Los Angeles and also

NYC and attractions


San Francisco



Washington, D.C.

Las Vegas is Leapin’ with Things to Do!

Whether you live in the area or are headed there, this is the site to find out what is going on with events in town and where you want to be. A calendar will help you plan for tonight. . . or next month.


One last time. . . April 1st. . . Las Vegas. . . Don’t miss it!

The Martini Las Vegas Grand Opening is April 1st. Mark Your Calendars!!!! http://sns.ly/r8cqy0

Places with Irish eyes that are smiling on Las Vegas tonight

Still looking for a place to go tonight for St. Patrick’s Day and live in the Las Vegas area? Try out some of these martini bars and restaurants!